Edmonton Vintage Hockey

Policies & Hockey Rules

Edmonton Vintage Hockey Group 55+

Ice sessions commence Monday, October 1st, 2018. Preregistration is required. Edmonton Vintage normally plays on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings October thru March at the Kinsmen Arenas (1979 - 111 Street, Edmonton, AB).

Gr  Days   Time (Kinsmen)          Side

1     MW      8:45am-10:15am       A

       F           8:45am-10:10am

2     MWF   9:00am-10:30am    B

3     MW   10:30am-Noon           A

       F        10:20am-11:45am        

4    MWF 10:45am-12:15pm        B

1979 - 111 Street, Edmonton, AB. Click the photo to see the Kinsmen Arenas website.

1979 - 111 Street, Edmonton, AB. Click the photo to see the Kinsmen Arenas website.

Vintage Policies


Please read all information and policies carefully. Should you have any concerns or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact any member of the Executive.

CARHA Insurance
The Mandatory insurance coverage will be included as part of the fee structure; no player will be permitted on the ice without CARHA insurance. Vintage Executive encourages all players to wear face protection; a full cage or half visor and mouth guard. It is the player’s responsibility to know the policy. See CARHA web site for insurance coverage. (Specifically look at teeth coverage). Download the Sport Accident Claim.

Medical Information
Vintage Executive is very concerned about our members' health and well being. Vintage reserve the right to have players provide, upon request, written medical affirmation that their physical condition is acceptable to play hockey. Our 'Health Emergency Form' is attached to the registration package; please complete this form, listing any medications you are on and return it in a sealed envelope with your name clearly marked. Forms will be placed in binder in the Defibrillator locker.

Prospective New Member Evaluation
Edmonton Vintage Hockey adds new members on an ongoing basis.  After completing and signing the ‘Vintage Registration Form’, players will be eligible for a one/two skate evaluation to determine their level of play & compatibility with the Vintage group.  At the completion of the evaluation, new prospects will be placed in Group 1, 2, 3 or 4; whichever best represents their current level of play. 

Discipline Committee
If you have a concern about rough or inconsiderate play, or inappropriate behavior of a member, on or off the ice, and you feel these concerns need to be drawn to the attention of the committee, please contact Bob Tessier in writing or by email. An unbiased three executive committee will be assembled to hear complaints if required.

Vintage Players & Tournament Participation
It is Vintage policy to appoint Team Managers in each age category for tournament play. These Vintage appointed Team Managers are asked to do many tasks, one of which is selecting players and assembling competitive tournament teams. Vintage member players will fill the tournament rosters to a large degree; other capable players & future members may be asked to play.

Liquor in Dressing Rooms
Liquor consumption in the dressing rooms by Vintage members is strictly prohibited; Kinsmen Arena Management and Vintage Executive have adopted a zero tolerance policy.   Players not adhering to this policy and found to be drinking in the dressing room, will lose their hockey privileges with Vintage. Vintage Executive will determine the period of time before the player can return to Vintage hockey. Vintage’s potential liability regarding players, who drink in the dressing room and then get into an accident, leaves us no alternative, but to strictly enforce this policy.


Vintage Hockey Rules

Hockey Rules

  1. If the puck goes off the end or side mesh netting, the puck gets turned over to the defensive team
  2. If the puck lands on the back of the net, the play stops and the puck gets turned over to the defensive team. If it bounces off the net on its own, play continues
  3. When offside occurs, the puck gets turned over to defensive team
  4. No slap shots, knee high or 18” maximum. Snapshots are fine. 
  5. No body checking
  6. No body checking from behind
  7. When taking away time & space as a defenseman, make sure not to blindside check a player
  8. Incidental contact in pursuit of the puck is fine
  9. There will be no penalty shots
  10. Vintage hockey do not use referees. If an accidental incident happens where a clear penalty would have been called, the puck gets turned over to the opposition and they get centre
  11. Vintage do not use referees. If an intentional physical incident (slashing, hitting from behind, crosschecking, slew foot etc.) happens where a clear penalty would have been called, the puck gets turned over to the opposition and they get centre. If this situation occurs, the Group leaders will advise the executive, and depending on the severity, one’s Vintage Hockey privileges may be terminated and prorated monies refunded
  12. If a player goes down and is hurt or in difficulty, stop the play immediately
  13. Do not shoot the puck at goalies in warm-ups if they are not watching you shoot the puck
  14. Do not shoot the puck at goalies when they are putting the pins in the ice for the nets
  15. Do not bang or slash at our goalies gloves if they have the puck covered
  16. Play Safe

A list of the scheduled Vintage tournaments and special events follows.

Edmonton Vintage Executive BBQ

Edmonton Vintage Executive BBQ