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Vintage involvement in The Food Bank roots began in the fall of 2012 with Vintage offering a work group to volunteer at the Food Bank. The offer was to provide a group of ten to fifteen people to help six times per year on a one per month basis during the hockey season.  The Vintage group goes to the Food Bank and spends two hours sorting food, preparing hampers, cleaning, and assorted other tasks. To date the relationship between Vintage and the Food Bank has been very agreeable to both sides.

The date of the Food Bank session and workers names will be displayed at he bottom of each team photo slide. There are 6 sessions per year. Photos will be added as they become available.

Donation boxes for The Food Bank were present for the Hope Challenge Mini Tournament.


Jim Knull

Email: knull@shaw.ca

Text/Call: 780 904 4722

Jim Knull at 2016 AGM

Jim Knull at 2016 AGM

2019 Events

January 8, 2019


  • Back: Judy Broomhall, Bob Broomhall, Ron Sawchuk, Allen Snart, Daryl Matter, Robert Jong, Gord Robb, Dean Marusiak, Marilyn Robb
  • Middle: Lon Hazlewood, Sandy Hazlewood, Myrna Snart, Doug Cox, Ida Baer, Gena Bouwmeester, Dan Bouwmeester, Brian French
  • Front: Bob Baer, Jim Knull

Another great night at the Food Bank. The Christmas Food Drives have been so successful. The Food Bank is close to capacity.

Our Team worked in several areas. We accomplished a huge amount sorting food, preparing hampers and setting the hampers for 


Feb 5, 2019


  • Back Row: Robert Jong, Ron Sawchok, Greg Wickens, Daryl Matter, Myrna Snart, Allen Snart, Sandy Hazlewood, Lon Hazlewood
  • Front Row: Marilyn Robb, Sharon Wickens, Doug Cox, Gord Robb, Jim Knull, Dean Marusiak

Great team, Got a lot of work done. Thanks to all of you

March 5, 2019


  • Back Row: Bob Broomhall, Judy Broomhall, Bob Baer, Jim Knull, Ida Baer, Allen Snart, Jeramiah, Daryl Matter, Robert Jong, Dean Marusiak 
  • Front Row: Bill Burdenie, Doug Cox, Dan Bouwmeester, Gena Bouwmeester, Myrna Snart, Brian French, Loretta Sawchuk, Ron Sawchuk.

On March 5th we had our last trip to the Food Bank for this Season. 

Again, an excellent example of Team Work. We sorted, filled hampers and moved a lot of sorted food to the storage area.

It is a pleasure to assist at the Food Bank with these people. We get a lot done, and, we get to know each other better. We have a lot of fun.

October ??, 2019


  • Back: 
  • Front: 


November ??, 2019


  • Back: 
  • Front: 


December ??, 2019


  • Back: 
  • Front: 


2018 Events

January 9, 2018


  • Back: Ken Deines Daryl Matter, Brian French, Allen Snart, Gord Robb, Dean Marusiak
  • Front: Bob Broomhall, Judy Broomhall Kathy Matter, Ida Baer, Bob Baer, Myrna Snart,Marilyn Robb, Jim Knull 

We had a real Edmonton winter day for our January 9th Food Bank Team to endure. IT WAS SO COLD YOU COULD ,___________( Fill in the blank).  We sorted, Boxed,  placed sorted food boxes on shelves to be used in the preparation of the hampers delivered by the Food Bank.

We did a clean up as well as set up the sorting area for the next group of volunteers. A tremendous amount was accomplished.

We have had a few Vintage members arrive at the Food Bank early and work right through until our Volunteer time is complete. Very impressive.

I am always in awe of how much our teams accomplish on our trips to the Food Bank. The next trip to the Food Bank is February 6th, 2018.  We have room for 8 more Volunteers on that evening.

Feb 6, 2018


  • Back: Brian French, Vera French, Greg Wickens, Daryl Matter, Tom Pennie, Anne Pennie, Marv Kaluzniak, Dean Marusniak
  • Front: Sharon Wickens, Ida Baer, Bob Baer, Lisa Marusiak, Jim Knull

We had a great time at the Food Bank. We sorted a whole bunch of food so that it could easily be put into hampers.

Next month on March 6th will be our last trip for the 2017-18 Vintage season. We still need a few people. If you are available, please get in touch with Jim Knull.

March 6, 2018


  • Back: Jim Knull, Brian French, Allen Snart, Dean Marusiak, Ken Deines, Daryl Matter
  • Front: Gord Robb, Marilyn Robb, Liza Marusiak, Myrna Snart, Doug Cox, Luther Haave, Dan Bouwmeester 

Wow another year of Food Bank trips gone by. This is our last visit to the Food Bank to help until October.

We have had a great year and have accomplished a great deal to help the every day operation of the Food Bank. Every little bit helps and we did a lot of little bits this year. Thanks to all who helped.  We will be again recruiting members for the 2018-19 season beginning in September of this year. If you would like to try out this opportunity, please give me a shout at the e mail listed below.  

For all of you who have helped so much over the last few years we look forward to working with you again.

Text/call 780 904 4722

October 15, 2018


  • Back: Allen Snart, Daryl Matter, Richard Jong, Laverne Schiller, Dean Marusiak, Jim Doty, Jim Knull 
  • Front: Bob Baer, Ida Baer, Dan Bouwmeester, Gina Bouwmeester, Myrna Snart, Bill Burdenie, Ken Deines 

This is our first Food Bank Team of the year. We had a great evening, and, accomplished a great deal of work for the Food Bank. The amount of work done by Vintage members over each season is enormous. 

We still have five evenings of Volunteer work this year. The list of dates may be found in the Food Bank section on our web site.  We welcome any member to join us. 

Simply let us know that you are interested, and we will send you more information. 

Jim Knull 


780 904 4722

November 6, 2018


  • Back: Allen Snart, Ron Sawchuk, Laverne Schiller, Brian French, Robert Jong, Dean Narusiak, Daryl Matter, Ken Deines
  • Front: Harry Sutton, Jim Knull, Loretta Sawchuk, Myrna Snart, Dan Bouwmeester, Doug Cox, Bill Burdenie, Linda Sutton

What a great night we had.

Check out the photo of all the boxes. We sorted all those boxes plus the three or four pallets of Food that were not is the boxes.

An incredible night. It was refreshing seeing a group of people cooperating so well. It is amazing what we can accomplish when we work as a team.

Thanks for being friends.

Jim Knull

December 11, 2018


  • Back: Dean Marusiak, Photo Bomb 1, Ida Baer, Ron Sawchuk, Allen Snart, Robert Jong, Daryl Matter, Photo Bomb 2
  • Middle: Bob Baer, Doug Cox, Bill Burdenie, Myrna Snart, Daryl Springer, Dale Springer
  • Front: Jim Knull, Libby Hornland, Glen Hornland

Again, a great trip to the Food Bank. Being so close to Christmas, the Food Bank was filled with Volunteers.

A very productive, but, a little chaotic.

As you notice we were working with some other Volunteers and they became part of our team for the evening and joined in with our photo.

This last week has been wonderful for the Food Bank and For Vintage members. Our group donated 294 kg of food (In our words 646.8 lbs) along with a funds donated amounting to $600.00 by Vintage members and our Visiting teams, here for the HOPE Challenge tournament.

We should be grateful to be in such a marvelous group of people.  

Thanks to all our Volunteers for the Food Bank, and to All Vintage Members

2017 Events

January 10, 2017


  • Back: Ken Deines, Vanessa Deines, Judy Broomhall, Brian French, Vera French, Alan Snart, Chris Hammond, Glen Hornland
  • Middle: Bob Broomhall, Jim Knull, Doug Cox
  • Front: Robin Nash, Bill Burdenie, Thuong Nash, Margaret Burdenie ,Myrna Snart, Libby Hornland, Sandy Haazlewood, Lon Hazlewood.
    Doug Senuik had to leave early.

Our biggest team ever.  We sorted food, put necessities into family weekly food hampers, and sorted out bags for re-use in the Food Bank.

We even took some time just to chat with our Food Bank team mates.A great evening had by all.

Thanks to all.

February 7, 2017


  • Back: Greg Wickens, Alan Snart, Brian French, Vera French, Dan Boumeestyer Jim Knull, Tom Pennie, Gord Fennel 
  • Middle: Jim Fyshe, Margaret Burdenie, Gena Boumeester, Myrna Snart 
  • Front: Sharon Wickens, Robin Nash, Luther Haave, Judy Rye, Sandy Hazlewood, Anne Pennie, Lon Hazlewood, Bill Burdenie

We had 21 members and friends at the Food bank. We did a variety of jobs from sorting to setting up hampers  for the Food bank users. There were two other groups working with about ten people in each group. It was wonderful to see so many helping out with the necessary work. The Food Bank is an extremely worthy cause. 

On March 7th we will be doing our last night for this year.  We have helped get a lot of work done this year.

A great evening had by all,  Thanks to all attending.

March 7, 2017


  • Back: Ken Deines, Vanessa Deines, Brian French, Vera French, Mike Hagan, Lise Hagan, Dan Bouwmeester, Alan Snart, Jim Knull, Greg Wickens
  • Front: Robin Nash, Thuong Nash, Bob Baer, Ida Baer, Gena Bouwmeester, Myrna Snart, Sharon Wickens

We had 17 members and family at the Food bank. We did a variety of jobs from sorting to setting up hampers  for the Food bank users. Thanks to all

This was our last night for this year.  We have helped get a lot of work done this year. We even took some time just to get to know our Food Bank team mates.

In person hours of work, we supplied about 200 hours of Volunteer work this year. Just imagine, we did the same amount of work as a full time worker does in five weeks. You are a bunch of amazing people.

A great year had by all,   THANKS

October 17, 2017


  • Back: Chris Hammond, Ken Deines, Glen Hornland, Vera French, Brian French, Laverne Schiller, Gord Fennell
  • Front: Dan Bouwmeester, Gena Bouwmeester, Libby Hornland, Linda Sutton, Harry Sutton, Dale Springer, Daryl Springer, Jim Knull

Missing from photo: Dan Meyer

Just a note to let you know that the first trip to the Food Bank for this Vintage season was a resounding success. We met and completed several necessary tasks around the Food Bank.  We sorted food, prepared hampers, filled hampers and built numerous boxes, all necessary functions for  the successful operation of the Food Bank.

We certainly helped where needed and at the same time had the opportunity to meet some of our Vintage member colleagues in a setting other than in the corner when disputing possession of a puck.

We also had the pleasure of meeting some of our special hockey wives.  To all of these special girls: THANK  YOU!

We all had a great time. Thank you to All. If you are interested in helping, please contact: 

November 7, 2017


  • Back: Bob Broomhall, Sharon Wickens, Greg Wickens, Allen Snart, Robert Jong, Laverne Schiller, Bill Burdenie, Jim Doty, Cheryl Doty
  • Front: Dan Judy Broomhall, Doug Cox, Bob Baer, Ida Baer, Myrna Snart, Marilyn Robb, Gord Robb, Judy Rye, Luther Haave, Jim Knull

A good Shot of our Great Team. We had an epic evening in the: Food Sorting, Beer pouring out, Preparing Food hampers, Stacking sorted Food boxes, and several other tasks.

A special note, Robert Jong happened to be in the city on the 7th and instead of going home to the acreage and returning, he just went to the Food Bank at 3 PM and worked all the way through to 8 PM.

As well as getting an incredible amount of work accomplished, we had a great time working and visiting together. It is wonderful to see, and interact, with our members away from the Rink.

To have so many spouses join us in this endeavour is so fantastic. 

Thank you to All. 

December 5, 2017


  • Back: Vera French, Kathy Matter, Ida Baer, Bob Baer, Myrna Snart, Jim Knull
  • Front: Daryl Matter, Brian French, Dalene Beasly, Fred Beasly, Robert Jong, Allen Snart, Doug Senuik, Dean Marusiak, Ken Deines 

Our Vintage Team had a great evening at the Food Bank on December 5th.  We sorted, boxed, prepared hampers, placed sorted food on shelves and did a clean up as well as set up the sorting area for the next group of volunteers. Again a tremendous amount was accomplished.

We had five first timers (Rookies), great to have you, and, Robert Jong again was there at 4:00 PM and stayed until all was done.

Last week included donations collected at the Hope Challenge Mini Tournament.

This week was the Food drive at Vintage. We had 3 full Food Bank boxes that weighed approximately 810 pounds (photos 2 through 4).

As coordinator of the Food bank program, I am always in awe of how much our teams accomplish on our trips to the Food Bank, and by the amount of food donated by our Vintage group.

The next trip to the Food Bank is January 9th, 2018. 

Thank you to All. 

2016 Events

February 9 & March 8


  • Back Row: Alan Snart, Al Schuster, Jim Knull, Ken Deines, Vanessa Deines, Tom Penny, Willard Hughes, Gord Robb
  • Front Row: Myrna Snart, Bob Baer, Jim Fyshe, Anne Penny, Donna McGuire, Wendy Hughes, Marilyn Robb 

One photo was not available

October 18, 2016


  • Back Row: Cheryl Doty, Judy Broomhall, Bob Broom Hall, Jim Doty (Hiding), Al Snart, Laverne Schiller, Jim Knull, Doug Seniuk
  • Front Row: Ken Deines, Vanessa Deines, Brian French, Vera French, Geena Boumeester, Dan Boumeester, Hillary Predy, Ken Predy

We had a very successful evening helping out in a necessary part of Edmonton’s support for people needing a leg-up. We sorted a great deal of donated food, put the donations into the appropriate boxes and then on the suitable shelves,  and, generally had a great time.

November 8, 2016


  • Back: Bob Broomhall, Judy Broomhall, Vera French, Brian French, Libby Hornland, Robert Jong, Doug Senuik, Al Snart
  • Front: Bob Baer, Wayne German, Ida Baer, Myrna Snart, Glen Hornland, Bea Meyer, Jim Knull, Dan Meyer

As a group, we had fun and helped the Food Bank out at the same time. The photos attached are an indication of the type of work we get done. Thanks to all participants.

December 6, 2016


  • Back: KenDeines, Brian French, Vera French, Judy Broomhall, Bob Broomhall, Laverne Schiller, Doug Senuik, Glen Hornland, Alan Snart
  • Front: Bob Baer, Ida Baer, Bill Burdenie, Myrna Snart, Dale Springer, Daryl Springer, Libby Hornland

Our 2016 Christmas Food Bank Drive garnered 247 kg (for those still in pounds - 543 lbs) of food and $50.00 donation that was turned into five $10.00 Safeway Food Bank packages. These packages are about 5 lbs each making our total food donation up to 568 lbs (258 kg).  Quite amazing.  

Many thanks to all.

2015 Events

January 13, 2015


  • Back: Al Schuster, Judy Broomhall, Bob Broomhall, Myrna Snart, Al Snart, Ida Baer, Bob Baer, Gord Robb, Marilyn Robb, Jim Knull, Heike Baugh, Sharon Wickens 
  • Front: Bill Burndiene, Bruce Baugh, Jim Fyshe, Greg Wickens

A photo of our fine Vintage crew at the Food Bank on January 13th.  We put in a great evenings work sorting and re-boxing pallets of food so that it could be more easily used to help  prepare for hampers for those in need. This group processed a huge amount  of food. 

A great big Thanks to all on the team.

February 3, 2015


  • Back: Ron Berlando, Shirley Knull, Emily Drystek, Hillary Predy, Gena Boumeester. Sharon Wickens 
  • Front: Dan Boumeester, Gord Fennell, Rob Faught, Ken Predy, Greg Wickens, Chris Lavers, Luther Haave
  • Kneeling: Jim Knull

A fine team spent two hours on the evening of February 3rd helping sort donated food at the Food Bank. We had a great turnout including  two recruits, the Predys and Emily Drystek who also volunteers at the Food Bank and got stuck with us for the evening.  Emily, it was a pleasure to work with you, Predys, Thanks a bunch.

Our next sojourn to the Food Bank is the 3rd of March and that is the last visit until we reconvene in the Fall.

Thanks to all members who helped out this year. It was great to work with you all.   

A great big Thanks to all on the team.

March 3, 2015


  • Back Row: Dan Boumeester, Gena Boumeester, Rob Fenton, Dennis Driscoll, Jim Knull, Gordon Severin, Bob McClymont, Cam Thomas
  • Front Row: Bob Baer, Ida Baer, Paula Driscoll, Olga Severin, Wayne Wylie, Verna Ewaschuk, Ernie Ewaschuk 

We had a very productive evening.  Several first timers or rookies in hockey parlance.  We are looking forward to working with them again. March 3rd was our last date of Volunteering for the year.  We have had an excellent year and are looking forward to beginning next years’ Volunteer evenings in October. We will post a schedule at that time and again ask for Vintage members and their wives to join in with the Volunteer work.

A Great big Thanks to all the workers for this past year.
Really looking forward to working with all of you again next season.

October 6, 2015


  • Back: Doug Senuik, Glen Hornland, Dan Bouwmeester.
  • Middle: Gord Severin, Lavern Schiller, Wally Hawryschuk, Loraine Hawryschuk, Olga Severin, Gena Bouwmeester, Harry Sutton, Al Schuster, Libby Hornland 
  • Front: Jim Knull, Ron, Linda Swenson 

We had a great night at the Food Bank helping out with the day to day chores.  We sorted several hundred pounds of food making it easier to serve the clients of the Food Bank.   At the moment, The Food Bank has nearly seventeen thousand who get some help with food. Thanks to the entire crew. It definitely was a fun and productive evening.

November 3, 2015


  • Middle / Back: Bob Broom. Judy Broom, Lavern Schiller, Sharon Wickens, Alan Snart, Ken Predy, Doug Seniuk, Greg Wickens
  • Front: Bob Baer, Ida Baer, Margaret Burndinie, Jim Knull, Myrna Snart, Bill Burdenie, Hillary Predy, Ron.

At the moment, The Food Bank has nearly seventeen thousand who need some help with food. We feel grateful to be able to help in a small way in this endeavour. 
We had a great night at the Food Bank helping out with the day to day chores.  We sorted several hundred pounds of food.  We worked very hard and, so very well as a teamThanks to the entire crew. It definitely was a fun and productive evening.  

Looking forward to next month.

​December 8, 2015


  • Back: Margaret Burdenie, Jim Knull, Hillary Predy, Ken Predy, Greg Wickens, Sharon Wickens,Gena Boumeester, Dan Boumeester, Bill Burdenie, Lavern Schiller, Judy Broomhall, Doug Senuik, Bob Broomhall, Al Schuster
  • Front: Vanessa Deines, Ken Deines

At the moment, The Food Bank has nearly seventeen thousand who need some help with food. We feel grateful to be able to help in a small way in this endeavour.  We had a great night at the Food Bank helping out with the day to day chores.  We sorted several hundred pounds of food.  We worked very hard and, so very well as a teamThanks to the entire crew. It definitely was a fun and productive evening.  
Looking forward to next month.

December 4, 2015


Food Bank donation stations were set up at Kinsmen Arenas this week during Vintage Hockey sessions. 

2014 Events

January 21, 2014


  • Back: Bruce Baugh, Doug Senuik
  • Middle: Sharon Wickens, Libby Hornland, Sharon Wickens, Heike Baugh, ?
  • Front: Greg Wickens, Jim Knull

February 4, 2014


  • Back Row: 
  • Front Row: 

March 11, 2014


  • Back Row: 
  • Front Row: 

November 4, 2014


  • Back: 
  • Front: 

December 9, 2014


  • Bob & Judy Broomhall, Dan & Gina Bouwmeester, Ernie & Verna Ewaschuck, Al Schuster, Al & Myrna Snart, Jim Knull, Bob & Ida Baer, Lavern Schiller, Doug Senuik, Dan Meyer

2013 Events

March 2013


  • Back: 
  • Front: 

October 22, 2013


  • Back: 
  • Front: 

November 12, 2013


  • Back: Dennis Driscoll, Lavern Schiller, Ian McNeil, Scott Konkle Vi Konkle, Bob McClymont, Miriam McClymont 
  • Front: Jim Knull  

December 10, 2013


  • Back: 
  • Front: